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This exciting program is for adults wishing to get into great shape while at the same time learning how to defend yourself. Classes are on Tuesday & Thursdays 5:45-6:30 pm.


Come check our our clean well equipped facility and our family like atmosphere. We offer exciting fitness and high level martial arts training class that will meet your individual needs.

There is a difference come see why!


Indiana PIT is an Affiliate of "The Pit" a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization led by John "The Train" Hackleman and Chuck "The Ice Man" Liddell. This high energy program is ideal for ALL Fitness enthusiasts and MMA sports fans. The Pit combines proven MMA techniques with elite level exercises and conditioning drills. No martial arts experience is necessary.

"You don't have to be a fighter to enjoy the benefits of world class training!"


Indiana PIT is also a proud affiliate of  Luigi Mondelli'sAmerican Top Team/KORE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Come learn from some of the best World class instructors.

Hawaiian Kempo
The Pit belt system from white to black belt. In this class, you will train the "old school" extreme Pit conditioning sessions. This includes: tractor tire flipping, wheel barrel pushing, power sledging, and much more. You will also learn the Pit self defense, sport fighting techniques, take down defense, and grappling.



PIT Pee Wees: Age specific curriculum

  • Hawaiian Kempo Karate for Kids ages 3-6. PIT Pee Wee focuses on improving preschool and kindergarten aged children's basic listening and motor skills
  • Required clothing: Pit T-shirt, black uniform, shorts.

PIT Kids: Age specific curriculum

  • Enriches the lives of children by helping to install positive qualities; such as respect, self discipline, and confidence, all while getting and keeping children in shape and teaching great self defense
  • Indiana PIT where children are taught not to be bullies,yet not to be bullied!
  • Required clothing: Pit T-shirt, black uniform, any type of fight shorts, head gear, mouth piece, shin guards, boxing gloves. Men must wear groin protectors.

PIT Adults Basic (No Freestyle sparring in this program)

  • Hawaiian Kempo
  • KaJuKenBo and Kempo evolved into the most proven & tested Martial Arts in the world today. Get in the best shape ever, while reaching goals as you gradually climb in belt colors.
  • Cross Pit
  • This program is great for those wanting to learn  mixed martial arts but not wanting to actually compete.
  • Realistic self defense taught and proven.
  • Fussing together the intense conditioning of CrossFIT and THE PITs Martial Arts tradition and effective self defense techniques. Experience instant results and reach unimaginable goals
  • Required clothing: Pit T-shirt, black shorts or pants, any type of fight shorts (also bring personal towel), head gear, mouth piece, shin guards, boxing gloves. Men must wear groin protectors.

PIT ELITE (Freestyle (contact) sparring)

  • Adults learn hands on self defense. Adults learn how to defend themselves by practicing on one another.Preferred program for those interested in entering competition. Also a great workout!
  • Required clothing: Pit T-shirt, black shorts or pants, any type of fight shorts (also bring personal towel), head gear, mouth piece, shin guards, boxing gloves. Men must wear groin protectors.

PIT 40 Martial Arts

  • Adults ages 40 and up martial arts class! This is the first of it's kind and is geared towards teaching realisic self defense for modern times.
  • Come join this new exciting program. No worries about being injuried by 'young guns' in class. 
  • Earn rank while training to become a black belt.
  • Get in great shape using our proven CrossPit Elite Fitness program.
  • Lean modern combatives gun, stick and edged weapons.
  • Learn about home invasions and how to make your home less of a target.
  • Do you know what to do if someone has entered your home? Do you have a plan? Does your entire family know what to do? You will learn key do's and don'ts in this progressive program 

We now offer Traditional Karate on Tuesday & Thursday

Kids only at 6:30 pm

Weapons - 7:15 pm 

Adults - 7:45 pm

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The Pit



From left: John Hackleman, Chuck Liddell, Terry Gruel and Glover Texeria.

Pit XT Elite Fitness  

What is Pit XT?

If you are wanting to get into the best shape that you have ever been in, we have the exact program for you. This type of training is NOT NEW to Kokomo, we have been doing this since 2008 and our clients are very pleased with their results. This program is great for preparation for mud/obstacle runs that are very popular now. Also we have helped many men and women take their personal fitness to a whole new level in order to pass physical requirements for entrance exams for law enforcement and military!

Fusing together the intense conditioning of CrossFIT and THE PITs Martial Arts tradition, this program focuses on intense fighter fitness training for extreme conditioning. This class is mainly for individuals who want an over the top workout that professional mixed martial artist use for peak physical conditioning.

Pit XT is a program that is "constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement".
Pit XT does not focus on certain body part movement. Pit XT exercises are multi joint movements that are natural, effective, and efficient. With the Pit XT class, work out with equipment that you have never worked out with before (ie: wheel barrels, kettle bells, sand bells, boxes, ropes, pull up racks, bosu balls, sledge hammers, medicine balls, grappling bags, tractor tires, rowing machines, etc.). With the Pit XT class, experience instant results and reach unimaginable goals. Lose inches, drop weight, improve cardiovascular system, improved endurance, strength and relieve stress with one of the worlds best workouts ever developed.

We pride ourselves in being a leader in Kokomo with our training fitness center. The
Pit XT program is geared so that even a beginner can come in to class and feel very comfortable.

Come see WHY there is a difference with Indiana Pit! Being imitated, but never will it be duplicated.

When you are ready to never be bored with your workouts come see why our clients LOVE us!

Read the articles about our CrossPIT program by Kokomo Perspective

We give discounts to Firemen, Policemen and Military Personnel.

Corporate rates are available please contact us to inquire about discounts.

Often copied but never duplicated!

There is a difference come see why!



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